Veteran owned and operated.

The name EdengrowS comes from our backyard garden here in Hawaii. It started with a grassy backyard. We added a few papaya trees one day and they grew like weeds. Overtime we continually added more and more plants as well as animals. It began to look like what we imagined the Garden of Eden. Eventually we added a Sulcata tortiose, Dwarf rabbit, and few Jackson chameleons that roam freely. As we planted and added more critters the term "Eden grows" came about.

Only recently did we discover this miracle plant. After years of being prescribed just about every drug in a pharmacy. It was Kratom that changed life. A surf trip to Indonesia sitting down for a cup of Luwak coffee, we first learned of Kratom along with a few other great products we now carry. We could go on and on about how it has improved overall quality of life. But at this point you are probably here because you have read and heard all of that already.

Our mission at EdengrowS is gather a collection of the best quality Kratom and other Herbals from around the world. Then give exclusive access to it all on one website at competitive prices. We have been doing this naturally on our own. Taking surf trips to remote locations around the world while discovering some pretty amazing herbals that we or you may never have heard of before. Three trips to Indonesia we have had the chance to visit six different Kratom farms. We found our favorite by far and decided it’s time to share.

We strive to provide top notch customer service. If you have a product you think we should and can legally carry, we will. Any questions or ideas we would absolutely love to hear from you and will respond to every email.

EdengrowS Team