Kratom Extract Shot
Kratom Extract Shot

Kratom Extract Shot

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  • 10 ml full-spectrum kratom liquid extract per bottle
  • Contains 120mg of Mitragynine (Kratom Extract) per bottle
  • Butterscotch flavor
  • Extracted with organic, non-GMO ethanol

Edengrow's 10 ml Energy Shots boast powerful concentration, focus and anti-fatigue benefits in a convenient bottle that fits perfectly into your desk drawer or gym bag. Unrivaled energy kicks in within just five minutes - perfect for those with an ultra fast lifestyle who need quick results! We've got the taste covered too; no metallic flavor associated with other extracts here – instead, enjoy a feeling of contentment even as you tackle complex tasks like writing reports & hitting the gym! Get ready to blast off from ordinary productivity levels: it’s time to harness EdengrowS power today.


Enjoy the full range of effects with EdengrowS full-spectrum kratom extract shots! Containing all alkaloids found in the original plant, this extract gives you an experience that's way beyond just 7-OH and Mitragynine.


So potent it should be used with a pipette. No more than 5mL in any 24-hour period is recommended.

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