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Kanna Extract 100x

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100:1 extract for the more experienced.

Kanna, also known as channa or kougoed,(scientific name: Sceletium tortuosum is a unique and beneficial succulent plant native to the African continent. For centuries it has been used by indigenous San people for its purported health benefits. It was hard to source quality extracts outside of South Africa until recently but with increasing awareness among wellness-seeking and psychedelic communities alike due largely to studies affirming its non-addictive properties, this ancient medicinal herb looks set gain popularity worldwide beyond where it originated.

Kanna: Science

Kanna is a powerful plant with an incredible range of chemical compounds and bioactives. Most notably, mesembrine - which appears to be the main psychoactive molecule in this botanical - as well as three other similar alkaloids, terpenes and polyphenols are thought to work together synergistically for its full-spectrum effect when extracted into products. 

Kanna: History

For centuries, the San and Khoikhoi hunter-gatherers of South Africa have held a sacred connection to Kanna—a plant imbued with spiritual significance and symbolic power. While it has been used for many adaptogenic purposes throughout life stages since at least the 1600s (noted by Dutch expeditions), its role in ceremonial fasting, drumming, dancing to reach trance states is still alive today among this traditional community. From hunger suppression to fertility enhancement - embracing their rich heritage of medicinal plants continues offering boundless wellness opportunities through generations as one unified species connected within nature's universal wisdom.


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