How to Remove Kratom Dust Stains on Clothes or Fabric


Kratom powder is one of the most popular types of products. However, how to remove Kratom dust on clothes or fabric might be an unknown tactic for many. Some beginners might be wondering if Kratom leaves a stain on the fabric. Well, we know it does but we would like you to believe us instead of finding out only when you have a stain to remove!

Imagine that you are drinking a nice cup of tea, and a bit of it drops on your shirt or clothes. The tea will leave a light brown mark on the clothing and that can be an unpleasant sight. There are various kinds of Mitragyna strains. Some are lighter in color while others may be darker. The red vein Ketum strains are darker and may leave a worse strain on the fabric. If you want to consume your Kratom dose daily and still want to be carefree about any napkin or garment stains, here are some tips for you.

Ways To Avoid Kratom Stains 

You can void Kratom stains by being a little careful. You can use paper towels or a napkin to stay safe from any droplets dropping from the cup or glass of your daily Ketum beverage. Moreover, you can ensure that when you pour the tea from the pan or kettle, you wipe the cup clean to avoid any spills or drops from accumulating on the base.

Stay close to the washbasin or the faucet in the kitchen when you are mixing the Ketum powder with tea or coffee. If you wipe the coffee stain when it is wet, the Kratom will not leave a mark on the fabric. Moreover, you can try wearing an apron to avoid any mishaps with your fancy dress shirts for the office. Many consumers say that they were all dressed for work when they spilled their Mitragyna coffee or tea and got a bad stain.

You can avoid Mitragyna stains by consuming this botanical in capsule or tablet form. There are going to be no stains or spills. However, with all kinds of edibles or beverages, you can be careful but in case of any spill, you should know how to remove it to keep your clothes safe.

How To Remove Kratom Duse Stains

Kratom is an organic substance, which means that it can dye and color any cloth easily. Most of the colorfast dyes are organic and like henna, this herb also has a distinct color that can be permanent. You can remove the dust stains in the following ways effectively:

• Do Not Apply Water To The Stain Directly

If you see that there is a dry Kratom dust stain, do not wash it with water immediately. When you apply water to Ketum deposits on the fabric, the powder clings to the fabric as soon as it gets wet. Also, do not rub the stain into the fabric as the powder grains get stuck between the threads and it becomes hard to remove the colored stain.

• Dishwashing Soap Works

When you want to clean out a stain that was from spilled Kratom tea or drops of smoothie or any other liquid, there is no reason for you to avoid water. Use dishwashing soap and vinegar to soak the shirt and then use a soft brush like a toothbrush to rub the stain. Leave the fabric in the same water for some time and then rinse it. The stain would have disappeared by then.

• Bleach Is Not Advisable

Bleaching agents may be a hit with white clothes, but for any colored cloth, refrain from using bleach. The fabric fibers tend to weaken if you leave the fabric soaked in bleach. Moreover, the colors will fade quickly and your shirt or dress will be wasted forever. Instead, try any stain remover that is suitable and safe for fabric.

• Pet Stain Removers

Pet stain removers are suitable for homes where pets live so we can safely say that using a pet stain and odor remover can help your stained garment well. You might have doubts about this tip but try it out. The gentle stain remover gets into the fibers and removes Kratom powder grains. If you are drinking a smoothie with blueberries and Kratom, the colored stains can be more intense due to the purplish color of the berries. If we could use a pet stain remover to get rid of the blue and brown stains, then so can you!

• Petroleum And Detergent

Another unknown, yet effective solution is to use petroleum with detergent. Don’t worry about the oily consistency as this solution helps remove the stain almost instantly. All you need to do is use the mixture on the stain and use a soft brush to rub it. Clean this spot with detergent after you see that the fabric is stain-free and looks clean. Getting the petroleum smell out of the cloth can be challenging if you do not wash it in detergent immediately after clearing out the stain.

• Baking Soda

Using baking soda and vinegar is a good idea especially if the fabric is thick like denim. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the fabric and pour a little vinegar on top. The soda will begin to effervesce at this point. You can brush the stained spot and soon the Kratom mark will become invisible. Remember to wash the fabric after removing the stain so that the garment looks, and smells clean.

• Oxiclean Stain Remover

If you search the Internet about how to remove Kratom dust stains on clothes or fabric, the OxiClean option will come up as the first option. Many consumers have tried this and they swear by it because it does the job well. You can follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure that the first wash makes all the difference. Nowadays, you can buy many detergents that are fortified with Oxiclean solution. You can try any of them but remember that if the Kratom dust is dry, do not use any liquid. Dust the shirt and wave it hard to get the powder out of the cloth fibers. However, if the cloth is damp with the stain, run for OxiClean.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering how to remove Kratom dust stains on clothes or fabric, here are some ways that can help you efficiently. However, all Ketum consumers must remember that Kratom stains need quick attention, and that too in the right way. Do not wet a dry stain, and do not delay a wet stain. Use one of the methods above and tell us which one worked best for you.

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