5 common misconceptions about Kratom

Perhaps one of the most popular herbal supplements, kratom has had its fair share of controversies alongside it. And with that, some misconceptions that have spread like wildfire throughout the community.

So for those who want to try kratom, we want you all to make a wise, well-informed decision when using the supplement so you can enjoy its benefits fully!

Myth#1: Kratom Can Cause Fatalities

This a dangerous bit of misinformation that has been making rounds for the past years. Kratom in reality hasn’t been linked to any deaths, in lab animals or humans. Any deaths that have been reported to be linked to kratom have actually been due to a combination of pharmaceuticals that were consumed with kratom.


Myth#2: There is a Massive Research Gap for Kratom

Kratom is already a popular supplement that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia. With its arrival in western society in 1900s, kratom’s popularity and the science community’s focus on the supplement has grown even more. And in the last decade, this research has exploded, with seemingly hundreds of studies being conducted.

Myth#3: Kratom has no Benefits for One’s Health

Actually, kratom has for a long time, been used as an aid for relieving stress and alleviating pain, especially for those suffering from chronic illnesses. In addition, kratom was used as an immune system booster and energy booster as well, since it increased the body’s energy levels by impacting the hormone levels. Also, kratom was seen by many as a useful aphrodisiac, since the increased energy levels and better health helped increase fertility too!

Myth#4: Kratom is Addictive

Actually, kratom was used to help people kick their addition habits. However, as a result, many started thinking of kratom as an opioid replacement drug.  And while kratom does display some habit-forming properties, the truth is that according to the American Kratom Association, Kratom is about as addictive as coffee, in that it has the same withdrawal symptoms as the globally-loved coffee.

Myth#5: Kratom is a Synthetic Drug

Kratom is obtained from a tropical evergreen plant that is grown in Southeast Asia, known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Any drug with the name Kratom that touts its original to be synthetic or designer, is not the real thing, and therefore might be hazardous to one’s health!

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