Famous Kratom recipes - How I like my Kratom

Some people really appreciate the earthy taste of kratom powder tossed in plain water. However, not everybody can manage its special taste and need some advice to not only mask the powders taste but to make the powder even more potent.

Kratom juice

For those who like to enhance the effects of kratom might try to mix about one tablespoon with grapefruit, orange or pineapple juice. The citrus in those juices is told to enhance the potency of alkaloids by accelerating the absorbance. If you mix it with mango naked juice and some crushed ice the kratom will be absorbed faster by the small intestines.

Another alternative is to add our curcumin extract into the kratom drink which leads to same results.

For the sweet tooth, a pinch of honey should do its job. Mint can be added to give this refreshing drink a little extra!

Chocolate Shake

Kratom recipe

Cold chocolate milk will reduce the bitter taste of kratom due to the neutralization of Tannins in the plant powder. Cold milk is required to not denature the important alkaloids in kratom that are responsible for its benefits.

Protein Shake

Especially those into fitness appreciate the energy boost that white kratom gives. A great way to maintain endorphin levels and energy is the adding of white kratom powder into your pre- or post- workout shake.

 Kratom Coffee

Kratom coffee is one of the more popular ways to take the powder. Beware that boiling or too hot water will denature the potent alkaloids. Usually hot water should cool down for some minutes before adding the kratom and the instant coffee. Energetic strains are drunk with decaffeinated coffee and desired amount of creamer. A simple alternative where you don’t risk the denaturalization is making iced coffee in a blender.

The same goes for tea lovers. Hot or cold tea with one squeeze of lemon juice would have the same effect as described with the kratom juices.

Kratom tea

Get fancy!

We heard about adding kratom powder into pudding, custards, low baked brownies and more. Just get creative and try out new things!

We would love to hear about how you are taking your kratom and share it on this blog! Let us know



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