Kratom and Marijuana: What’s the Catch?

Let’s set something straight here!

With drugs such as marijuana and kratom among others, we have a multitude of herbal supplements that help us treat body pain. However, they are all not a one-size-fit-all. Each type of herbal supplement has a different function.

In this blog, we’re going to focus on two main contenders; marijuana which is one of the more popular supplements, and kratom which despite having been used to treat pain for centuries in Southeast Asia is only now making rounds in the western medical community.

The Basics of Marijuana and Kratom

Both marijuana and kratom are plant-based supplements. However, they don’t come from the same plant family.

Marijuana comes from hemp plant family. Well-known for treating or preventing neuropathic pain, marijuana also helps treat discomfort that may have been triggered by an illness or an infection. This is also why marijuana is now prescribed to patients that suffer from chronic pain related to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Kratom, on the other hand is used to treat what is known as nociceptive pain, which is caused by any damage to the body tissue. It’s also triggered by chemical events in the body or inflammation that affects the sensory system. In the past, we’ve seen evidence of kratom being used to treat pain caused by any bodily injuries as well as any withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction.

A Note on Addiction

With marijuana, since it’s prescribed by a medical physician, there’s a certain level of surveillance on the consumption so the patient doesn’t get addicted.

With kratom though, there has never been a need for such surveillance. Thus far, there have been no reported cases where a person might have become intensely addicted to kratom.

Many agree that the withdrawal symptoms of kratom are the same as the withdrawal symptoms one suffers from if they don’t have coffee.

Either way, as an extra precaution, with all option (herbal or medical), the main goal is to exercise caution when using them so you can fully avail the benefits.

Buying Kratom Products Online

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